Vitra 2060 - The top of the power range

The VITRA 2060 is the most power full model in our model range. Despite of the 62 hp. And it´s very power full computer controlled hydraulic systems, it still possesses the ability to go in narrow spaces, due to the compact measurements and high manoeuvrability due to her power full articulated steering. The 2.2 l. turbocharged four cylinder Caterpillar diesel engine provides superior power for even the most demanding task such as running a Snow blower or a 3,5 m. wide lawn mover. HTE VITRA 2060 is the perfect strong quiet and fast partner for long working hours. 

The VITRA 2060 is able to handle even the toughest task with such ease, that it allows the driver to be comfortable and keep a good overview  in every situation, which is an important factor in working long shift under hard conditions. Supported by the comfortable air suspended seat, the powerful heating / Air conditioning system and an ergonomically correct working space.

The VITRA 2060 often is used by Municipalities to perform Jobs such as Moving up to 3,5 m in width, cleaning with the power full VITRA sweeping suction unit or a Broom up to 2,5 m. width, Doing Winter service, removing snow with snow ploughs or snow blowers and at the same time often take use of the high loading capacity, to mount a larger salt or sand spreader for grinding.

The VITRA 2060 is capable of handling the largest tools for the most demanding assignments.

The efficient articulated steering
You can have a VITRA with a outside turning radius as little as 1,2 m.
Long Service intervals
​All VITRA models have a 500 h. /1 time a year Service interval
Automatic Climate control as standard equipment.
The VITRA 2060 is equipped as a standard with Electronically controlled Climate control


Length: 3020 mm. incl. front lift  
Width: 1250 mm.  
Hight: 2060 mm.  
Axle distance: 1540 mm.  
Turning radius: 1220 mm.  
26x12/12 (Option: 24x12/12)


Dead weight: 1620 Kg.  
Total Weight: 3000 Kg.  
Load capacity: 1380 Kg.  
Trailer weight - No brakes: 750 Kg.  
Trailer weight - With brakes: 2500 Kg.  
Front lft - Lifting capacity: 1000 Kg.  


Engine type: Caterpillar C2.2T  
Volume: 2216 cm³  
Emission stage: EU 3A  
Power:  45,5 kw / 61 HK 3000 r/min  
Torque: 143 / 1800 N.m. (Max)  
Oil capacity: 9,2 l.  
Cooling system: Autosupra G12  
Coolant: 12 l.  
Fuel type: Diesel  
Fuel capacity: 60 l.  


Quick couplers- PTO front- Pressure: 3/4" Flatface Male  
Quick couplers- PTO front- Return oil: 3/4" Flatface Female  
Quick couplers- PTO rear- Pressure: 3/4" Flatface Male  
Quick couplers- PTO rear- Return oil: 3/4" Flatface Female  
PTO Hydraulics - Max. flow l.: 72 l.  
PTO Hydraulics - Max pressure: 250 bar  
Manoeuvre Hydraulics -Max flow l.: 17,5 l.  
Manoeuvre Hydraulics - Max. pressure: 190 bar  
Hydraulic oil type: Texaco HDZ 46  
Oil Quality: Bio Hydraulic Oil  
Hydraulic oil capacity: 45 l.  

Electrical system

Battery: 12V - 61 Amp/h  
Alternator: 85 Amp  
Starter: 2,0 kW  


Noise: < 75 dB  
Vibrations: -  





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