A Strong Danish Family

Lindholdt  Maksiner A/S is a Family owned Company founded in 1999

The Company Lindholdt Maskiner A/S was founded by Bohart Lindholdt Rasmussen and his two sons Jacob and Bjarke Lindholdt Rasmussen

From the beginning, our vision was to develop a Brand which is known for it´s quality, efficiency and good value for money.

Over the years we have developed our sales areas to cover most of Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and China. We will continue to seek new areas and Countries, to distribute our VITRA products.

At Lindholdt Maskner, we continuously develop our product range. Beside the four well-known VITRA models, which still is the back bone in our products, we have expanded out production to include the famous VITRA Sweeping Suction unit, which has proven it´s outstanding performance by receiving not only tree Stars in the EU-Nited sweeper test, but also have received several awards for performance, innovation and environmental friendliness. Further more we produce a very effective Moving system with grass pick up system, central suction hose and high capacity and finally a Truck Bed, which effectively complies with several of the spreading systems available for VITRA, to enhance the performance on these systems. 

We are "A strong Danish Family" but over the years we have developed allot, and today we work closely together with distributers and dealers all over Europe.

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