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A strong danish family!

The Vitra Machines are designed and produced by the Danish factory Lindholdt Maskiner A/S. The company started the production in 1999.All
Vritra's are build with values like Quality and Functionality in mind. These and other parameters are valued high at the Danish factory.

We continuously aim to refine and develop our products, from the VITRA machines it self, over spare parts, to driver comfort, multi functionality and total cost of ownership, just to mention some of the most important areas. 

At Lindholdt Maskiner, we aim to take good care of our environment. As well the areas daily surrounding us as the environment surrounding the driver, as overall environmental goals. To assist us in this mission, we have a close cooperation with some of the best suppliers, such as Danfoss, Caterpillar etc. Together we accomplish the best results, always aiming high on parameters such as Environment, ergonomics, efficiency and economy. 

Combined with a clear desire to provide the best quality, our customers are guaranteed a product that lives up to their expectations.

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Lindholdt Maskiner A/S


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