The serious multi functional tool carrier!

Danish quality with thoughtful design
VITRA is the Danish choise for a complete range of modern, robust high performance Tool carriers, build to endure the cold Scandinavian winters and the hot south European summers. The four VITRA models offers a series of articulated fully hydraulic Tool carriers, which full fills the toughest demands within Winter service, Green area treatment or out door cleaning.

VITRA is equipped with a Standard Cat 0/1 A-frame, which ensures great flexibility to fit a large variety of different attachments, requested by our customers. VITRA is developed and Produced in Denmark, only using High quality components from trusted suppliers largely situated in Denmark. The close cooperation with suppliers like Danfoss Hydraulics, helps to ensure top quality and access to leading edge technology.


A great Machine is nothing without a skilled driver
So we aim to secure the driver a good well being. All Vitra models are equipped with the same large luxurious cabin.
Vitra full fills the toughest rules regarding safety, but at the same time the machines offers great comfort, perfect ergonomics and great look out. All this to offer the driver a safe and comfortable working environment, witch helps he or she to perform well.

Through a well thought design and an intelligent choice of materials, the Cabin offers a lot of space, despite the compact outer measurements. Features like a flat level floor and 2 fully functional doors ensure optimum and comfortable access to the cabin, useful for long working hours with many entries and exits. Another advantage is the safety feature in having the possibility to enter or exit in the "Safe" side taking the surrounding traffic into account. 






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    Vitra is sold through a strong nationwide network of dealers and serviccentre. Therefore, you will always find one near you.


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    As a manufacturer, we support our dealers so that they can always provide thorough quality service and react quickly.


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