The most powerful Sweeping Suction unit in its class Awarded the EU-nited 3-Star approval. The European Sweeping approval

Efficient in Winter service Superior power for optimal result

Grass cutting Large selection of various types of movers

  • VITRA 2030 Dual Fuel

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  • VITRA 2030

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  • VITRA 2037

    The VITRA 2037 possesses the same compact features as the VITRA 2030, but due to the powerful 4 cyl diesel engine, the machine deliver the the required power to handle even larger tools in summer and wintertime

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  • VITRA 2045

    The Vitra 2045 processes, despite it´s high power, the compact measurements and manoeuvrability to access narrow spaces.
    The Vitra 2045 is a real work horse, which delivers every day.

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  • VITRA 2050

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  • VITRA 2060

    The Vitra 2060 is the largest Vitra model.
    Vitra 2060 has superior power reserves, which makes it suitable for the most demand full tasks. Despite of the superior power, the Vitra 2060 still processes the extreme manoeuvrability.

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Lindholdt Maskiner invites you to see our presentation of our VITRA Tool Carrier model range including attachments.
Through 15 years we have been developing and producing the well-known VITRA Tool Carriers for the European market.

We proudly presents the four VITRA models, each of them carefully adapted to fit the segments and tasks which is required from customers all over Europe. At the same time al VITRA´s possesses the DNA which has been precent since the first VITRA 2037 was produced back in year 1999. At Lindholdt Maskiner we continually struggle to develop and deliver a product witch exceeds the expectations from our customers, to make them able to perform demanding tasks no matter what the job requires.


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  • The powerful and innovative VITRA Sweeping suction unit has been awarded 3 Stars by the EU-Nited ... Read more

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